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Organizational Coaching /Mentorship

One of the institutional capacity building supports of STGM is organizational coaching or mentorship. Within the scope of organizational coaching support, one-to-one expert support is provided to organizations through planned and structured process/meetings in accordance with CSO’s organizational requirements.

Why Organizational Coaching/Mentorship?

Although the works, publications and even trainings of STGM focus on specific subjects and areas, they are not particularly developed for a single CSO inherently. For this reason, we try to plan and provide specific supports for organizations by Information Centre. One of these specific supports is an organization-specific, structured and medium-term expertise support, called “organizational coaching/mentoring”.

How does the Programme Work? 

Organizations to be supported within the context of organizational coaching/mentoring programme assess conformity of their needs in cooperation with expert(s) of Information Centre. They determine the content, format and schedule of organizational coaching together, and they carry out face-to-face or online works at certain periods of time, based on decided working method.

The main topics may be supported within the scope of the organizational coaching/mentorship programme are as follows1;

  • Participation and Organization Works
    • Digital Advocacy Campaign Development
    • Local and National Networking
    • Policy Monitoring and/or Shadow Reporting
  • Organizational Development Studies
    • Strategic Plan Development 
    • Organizational Level Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Volunteers Cooperation Programme Development 
    • Communication Plan Development
    • Digital Communication Plan Development
    • Corporate Finance Management
  • Rights-Based Approach Adaptation

As STGM, we have been providing organizational coaching/mentorship supports to more than 100 CSOs so far.

You can contact Information Centre to find out currently available organizational coaching/mentorship programme in line with your needs and requirements.

1 There may be differences in the topics that can be supported when the programme is open.

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