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Our Areas of Work

The Localization Advocacy Group is an independent, local initiative working to improve the work of civil society through localization.

The Localization Advocacy Group:

  1. Researches and analyses the localization situation in Turkey, develops strategies and advocates for change.
  2. Leads the activities of the international localization advocacy movement in Turkey.
  3. Ensures coordination between local organizations working in the field of humanitarian aid and human rights in Turkey.
  4. Monitors and reports on the localization commitments of the "Grand Bargain" adopted at the World Humanitarian Summit, contributes to efforts to implement it and develops new initiatives.
  5. Carries out capacity building, coordination, monitoring and awareness-raising activities to support local CSOs in fulfilling their obligations arising from national legislation and humanitarian aid standards.
  6. Cooperates with local and international actors to expand localization.
  7. Follows and participates in efforts to promote localization at global and regional levels.
  8. Builds partnerships and alliances through localization efforts in the areas of human rights, environment, conservation and development.
  9. Supports initiatives to establish a Humanitarian Aid Academy.
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