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"Project Preparation and Project Management for CSOs" Training Video Series Is on The Air

The program, in which 20 CSOs benefited from EEA advocacy, institutional capacity strengthening training, coaching, and digital tool support, also aimed to produce short informative videos that CSOs could apply within the framework of their needs. Our training videos series, which is accessible on Youtube, continues today with "Project Preparation and Project Management for Civil Society Organizations".

Prepared and presented by Tuğçe Cankara Bahadır and Zeynep Atay, the video series titled "Project Preparation and Project Management for Civil Society Organizations" provides basic information on almost all issues that are important in the project management of a CSO.

Basic Concepts in Project Planning

In the first video of this training series, we focused on the basic concepts of project planning.

What is the project? Why do we do projects? Why do we need to think focused on change? What are the main criteria that distinguish the project from our routine work? Stakeholder, risk, assumption, etc. that we often use in the project world. What do the terms mean? What are the stages of the project cycle? We talked about the answers to these basic questions. 


Logical Framework Approach and Result-Oriented Management in Project Planning and Management

In this second video of this training series, we talked about the "logic" of the log frame approach, which is still the most valid method in project planning. We looked at what the causality relationship in the logical framework approach means through a practical example.

Then, we discussed the result-oriented management approach, which has come to the fore in project planning, management, monitoring, and evaluation, especially in recent years. What is the results chain? How to name different levels of change in the chain of results? What do terms such as output, result, effect mean? What are indicators of success or signs of change? We sought answers to these critical questions by looking at examples. 

General Characteristics of the Call for Proposals and Application Guidelines for Grant Projects in the Project Preparation Process

This video focuses on the general features, sections, and key concepts of the call for proposals and application guidelines for grant projects. “What should we pay attention to when reading a grant call? How does the call for grant guide us in writing our project proposal?” aims to answer your questions.


Application Form and Budget in the Project Preparation Process

 This video focuses on how to prepare the grant application form and grant budget. Looking for answers to questions such as: “What are the general features of the application form and budget for project-based grant calls? What should we pay attention to while preparing our application form and budget?"

Key Recommendations for Managing Project Implementation

In this last video of this training series, we looked at how to manage the implementation process of a project, namely the basic elements of project management.

Which factors should we consider and which processes should we manage to manage a project effectively? What should we pay attention to in matters such as scope, time, budget, team, relations with stakeholders, communication, risks, monitoring, and evaluation of the project, which are the essential elements of project management? What practical tools can we use? This video tutorial contains basic information to answer these questions.

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