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The second implementation period of the BİRLİKTE left its first year behind

We have left behind the first year of our BİRLİKTE programme, which we shaped in line with the needs of local CSOs in Turkey and worked with 25 civil society organisations from different fields of rights in the second implementation period. This one year left behind pleasant memories for us and developmental experiences for all of us.

In the first year evaluation of the programme strategies, the prominent topics were as follows. 

  • 25 organisations participating in the programme stated that the institutional grant programme met the needs of their organisations.
  • All of the organisations stated that the technical support they received under the grant heading was sufficient for them.
  • 92% of the organisations stated that the tools and methods to support my institutional capacity development were tailored to their needs.
  • All of the organisations found the periodic mentor field visits practical and useful.
  • It was noted that the tools and strategies supporting gender mainstreaming capacity development were positive, but this area could be improved.
  • Regarding monitoring and evaluation, it was stated that the feedback given by the organisations to the programme was taken into consideration.
  • BİRLİKTE participant organisations that benefited from one-to-one mentoring and consultancy support under the communication heading responded positively about the suitability of the support they received to their needs and capacities.

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