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Localization Advocacy Group Workshop Report 2022

This report was prepared by the Civil Society Development Center Association-STGM, which provided the secretariat for the Localization Advocacy Group, which aimed to bring together CSOs in Turkey in a localization focus under the slogan "on-site solution, local solution" in humanitarian assistance.
Author / Editor:
Ceren Can
Publishing Date:

The workshop was held in Ankara on May 24, 2022, on the 6th anniversary of the World Humanitarian Summit. The workshop, attended by field actors, local CSOs, international and donor organizations, discussed what needs to be changed to strengthen local CSOs.

The workshop also discussed the commitments of the 'Grand Bargain', which aims at localization and is one of the important outcomes of the summit, as well as the difficulties and best practices. At the workshop, 6 components of localization (funding, capacity, partnerships, coordination and complementarity, policy, influence and visibility, participation) were discussed.

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