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STOK Learning Platform Live Online Sessions Started

We started to meet with live online sessions on STOK Online Learning Platform, which we launched in December.

We held our first live online meeting with the title "An Overview of Civil Society" on Thursday and Friday last week. At the meeting facilitated by Ulaş Bayraktar, we talked about current issues in civil society and the future of civil society.

On the first day of the meeting, we tried to understand the concept of civil society through the filter of human existence and development history by going over the topics in the "101 Civil Society Overview" module of STOK Online Learning Platform.

In the second day session, the guests of Ulaş Bayraktar were Bülent Şık, who is an advocate in the field of food safety, and Güneşin Aydemir, a food activist. We talked with Şık and Aydemir about whether we can define civil society as an ecosystem, what opportunities the demolition process we are going through offers for new mechanisms, and what civil society can do in a restoration process.

In the last session of the first meeting, under the moderation of Cengiz Çiftçi, we listened to the development of civil society in Turkey from STGM Chairman of the Board, Levent Korkut.


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