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Stronger CSOs with Digital Capacity Building Trainings

We have further strengthened through our CSO Resource Centre Project the "Digital Capacity Building" actions we, as STGM, conducted on various topics for many years.

Digitalization as a Strategic Field 

On the course of carrying out digital strengthening actions that we as STGM consider to be a strategic field, we designed trainings on many diverse topics ranging from digital literacy to web design and from social media management to data visualization to accompany the digitalization process of organizations. We planned the trainings that will accompany the digitalization process of organizations based on the organizations' differing need and information levels.

In the Digital Literacy and Digital Transformation Training that we prepared for small and medium-scale CSOs that are yet at the beginning of their digitalization process, topics such as use of cloud-based office applications and planning the transition to such applications, and fundamental web, and document safety are handled. 

Small and medium scale CSOs may also participate in the CSO Digital Communication and Governance Training that is organized for the purposes of raising the awareness on communication and governance methods impacted by digital technologies and strengthening the skills and knowledge in regards to digital communication instruments.

In the CSO Fast Web Design Training, how a website compatible with new technologies may be prepared is explained to CSOs that either lack any website or have a very old website.

Digital Support for Strengthening Advocacy Actions 

Through the CSO Digital Support for Strengthening Advocacy Actions, designed to contribute to the organizations' capability to spread their activities, match their advocacy actions with the correct persons and raising funds, the topic of how a good social media management should be is explained. In the trainings prepared for CSOs that aim to spread their advocacy actions by way of social media, topics such as new media, storytelling, production of visuals and videos for social media, social media adverts and citizen journalism are discussed. 

In the CSO Data Design, Visualization and Management Training, which is organized for CSOs that are working with data and are willing to strengthen their monitoring and reporting actions in respect to advocacy activities, data collection tools are introduced, data analysis methods are shown and various models for data assessment are communicated to organizations.

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