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“Tailor-Made” On Demand Training Program

Who knows how many times we examined the training announcements on the civil society news web pages, got lost in the e-bulletins of various institutions or looked around by saying "oh I wish there was a training course on this subject!" “Tailor-Made” On Demand Training Program is a solution proposal for this “oh I wish”.

The program is a customized online capacity building support, designed and planned with us in line with the needs we have identified. In other words, an opportunity to meet our training needs on a specific and particular subject with a 2-day online training program specially prepared for us by an expert or a trainer.

How does the “Tailor-Made” On Demand Training Program Work?

As the name suggests, the program is cut out for us! The operation of the program consists of 5 steps” 

Step One, Identifying the Model: First, we get together and identify the training topic we need to get one step closer to the change we want to create.

Second Step, Measuring the Size: Then, we fill out the application form for the "Cut Out" Bespoke Training Program completely, clearly and descriptively and make our application.

Third Step, First Try On: As a result of the evaluation of our application, STGM contacts us and we have an online meeting with STGM about the training we need. Within the framework of our interview, STGM shares with us the training program prepared by an expert or trainer working on our training need. We can have a training program for 2 days (16 hours) at most.

Step Four, Final Try On: We begin the logistics preparations. We share information about our participants with STGM. We should always keep in mind that this training can be organized with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 20 people. Together with STGM, we determine the date and place of the training. We plan together with STGM  if we need support for online platforms for the training because STGM can provide us with different online tools.

Fifth Step, Tailor-Made: fter all the logistical preparations are completed, we inform our participants about the details of this training, which is cut out for us, and we organize our 2-day training program with an expert in the subject. At the end of the training, we attend an online evaluation meeting with STGM. In this meeting, we both evaluate the program and discuss possible new steps for our organization.

Are We Eligible for the "Tailor-Made" On Demand Training Program?

We can benefit from the Program, if our organization is an association, foundation, non-profit cooperative, local initiative, student community, network and platform working at the local level, and the city council and its subordinates, working with a rights-based approach(*) towards the needs or problems at the local level. Even if we are a branch of any organizational model, we can apply for support from the program.

In addition, if we can ensure the full participation of at least 6, at most 20 people, consisting of our members, volunteers or employees, including at least 2 people from the management or executive body of our organization, in the entire training program to be carried out within the framework of the program; and if we can undertake this with a “letter of intent” from our board of management or executive board, this program is cut out for us!

* While the rights-based approach defines individuals as entitled subjects, it identifies state or non-state institutions as duty bearers. The rights-based approach, based on human rights principles and standards, aims to empower individuals to claim and defend their rights, and to empower institutions to fullfil their rights-related obligations.

When Can We Apply for the "Tailor-Made" On Demand Training Program?

The program has no application deadline. Applications are evaluated on the second Monday of every month, with a simple principle such as "the one who applies first is evaluated first". As a result of the evaluation of our application, STGM contacts us and within three months we design and implement the training program for the needs we determined together with STGM.

How Can We Apply for the "Tailor-Made" On Demand Training Program?

Of course we have to fill out an “application form”! It is very important that all questions on the form are filled in completely. We have received the information that incompletely filled applications will not be evaluated. In addition, the clear definition of our training needs in the relevant questions of the application form increases our chances of benefiting from this training support, which is cut out  for us!

What Criteria Will Evaluate Our "Tailor-Made" On Demand Training Program?

3 basic criteria will be used for our applications, which will be evaluated on the second Monday of every month:

  • First Criterion: The application form must be filled in completely.
  • Second Criterion: Our training needs must be explained clearly, in detail and descriptively in the application form.
  • Third Criterion: Our organization should carry out studies with a rights-based approach to local needs and problems. We need to explain these studies with supporting examples in the application form.

Anything Else We Need to Know About the "Tailor-Made" On Demand Training Program?

STGM wants to support many organizations with this Program, which is a cut out fit for organizations that work with a rights-based approach locally. For this reason, we can only receive training support from the program once in 12 months. Once again, it's good to remember that we have to scrutinize when determining our training needs.

At the end of such a rigorous preparation, the training program must be implemented within 3 months after our application is accepted. Unfortunately, if we cannot carry out the training program within this specified time, we miss this opportunity that we have gained with great efforts. For this reason, it would be appropriate to say to ourselves “be careful”, we should not forget to review our organization's calendar when choosing the date to apply.

Another important issue is the “contact person” we will determine for our organization. Instead of saying, "Someone will take over the job anyway", it would be better if this person was known when we were applying. The contact details of this person are already requested from us in the application form. If our application is accepted, STGM will contact this person and carry out all necessary preparations for the implementation of the training program in coordination with this person. It would be appropriate to choose someone who can take part in all the preparations on behalf of our organization and who will provide our organization with a continuous flow of information about the process.

It is useful to remember the supporting document that will be requested from us if our application is accepted. If our application to this training program, which is cut out for us, is accepted, we must send a "letter of intent" to STGM, which promises the full participation of the contact person and the participants we have determined. The “Letter of Intent” must have been prepared by the management or executive board of our organization. If our application is accepted, a copy of the letter of intent will be shared with us by STGM.

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