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TechSoup Turkey Software Donation Program

TechSoup Global runs a software donation program for non-governmental organizations in more than 65 countries around the world.
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TechSoup is a San Francisco-based non-profit organization that supports nonprofits organizations around the world in their access to technology to increase the impact of their activities. As a local partner of TechSoup network, STGM runs the technology donation programs for CSOs in Turkey as TechSoup Turkey. Within the scope of the donation program, non-governmental organizations can access software and cloud solutions for many companies. While some of these services are completely free of charge, administrative fees may be charged for some services or globally determined discounts may apply. The pricing policy is determined by companies and TechSoup Global.

Who Can Benefit from TechSoup Turkey Software Donation Program?

First, you need to be a registered association, foundation, or non-profit organization in Turkey. Schools, companies, and for-profit cooperatives are not eligible for this donation. 

You can use this link to Subscribe to TechSoup Turkey Software Donation Program. You must first register as a person, then register your CSO. Along with your CSO Registration, you must submit a current activity document and approved charter. 

A globally determined code is defined for you depending on your field of activity in the assessment to be performed by TechSoup Turkey. Accordingly, you can see which donation or discount programs you can benefit from.

You can pose your questions about TechSoup Turkey Software Donation Program to [email protected] or call +90 530 939 30 83 during office hours.

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