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Turquoise Coast Environment Fund -Turkey (TCEF) 2023

In the southern and/or western coastal areas of Turkey, including land and sea connected islands, coastal areas and wetlands; Applications for the 2023 term of the Turquoise Coast Environment Fund-Turkey (TCEF), which we established in cooperation with the Conservation Collective in order to support the activities of non-governmental organizations (CSOs) actively working on nature and biodiversity, marine and coastal protection, have been opened.

In the 2023 period of the Fund, the projects of CSOs working to protect and renew the natural environment in the southern or western coastal regions of Turkey will be supported. For this purpose, it is expected that at least one of the three main priority areas, the details of which are given below, should be included in the project ideas:

  • Projects promoting sustainable food systems,
  • Projects with an ecosystem-based management approach for biodiversity conservation,
  • Projects aiming to legally and institutionally support and strengthen CSOs working in the field of conservation.

The total amount of the grant to be distributed to CSOs within the scope of Turquoise Coast Environment Fund-Turkey  is at least 1,250,000 TL . A maximum of  220,000 TL  can be requested from the grant program of the CSOs applying .

Organizations wishing to apply for the Fund must complete the application form and  send it by 18:00 on Wednesday, May 31  .

You can find detailed information about Turquoise Coast Environment Fund-Turkey (application conditions, evaluation criteria and project schedule) and application form here .

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