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UN Meeting of Country Offices for Humanitarian Aid Consultation of Civil Society Report on Future Coordination Structures Published

The Turkish Refugee Council (TMK) and the Localization Advocacy Group (YSG) have published the results of the survey they conducted to obtain the opinions and suggestions of local and national civil society on the existing and future coordination structures for the recovery and reconstruction of the region after the Kahramanmaraş earthquakes.

It is expected that the opinions and suggestions from the survey, which was published in three languages - Turkish, Arabic and English - will contribute to the action plan of the Turkish National Reference Group.

While 20 organizations submitted their opinions and suggestions to the online survey, 12 organizations participated in the international humanitarian aid coordination structure activated for earthquake response. With the exception of 1 organization, all local and national CSOs indicated that they were involved in alternative coordination mechanisms at the local and national levels.

The report noted that this situation leads us to believe that existing coordination mechanisms at the local and national levels are more accessible to local and national CSOs than international coordination mechanisms.

Here you can find the English-language evaluation report of the survey, which contributes to advocacy efforts for meaningful participation and inclusion of local actors in humanitarian response systems.

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