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UN Women: Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund

In order to support and protect women’s human rights defenders (WHRDs), UN has launched a funding window for WHRDs in the conflict and crisis-affected countries.

The WPHF Funding Window for Women Human Rights Defenders provides support to WHRDs through two funding streams:

  • Advocacy Support (through direct logistical assistance): to arrange and cover for logistical expenses (transportation, visa fees, accommodation, translation, daily subsistence allowance, accessibility for WHRDs with disability) to participate in, either individually or as a delegation, a meeting, event or decision-making process, at the national, regional or international level, which contributes to advancing human rights and peace.
  • Safety Net (through flexible funding – Up to a maximum of US $10,000): to cover urgent costs such as short-term livelihood and protection expenses including (but not limited to):  equipment (computers, security cameras), internet, self-care, legal assistance, relocation costs, etc..

For more information about the support, please check out the WPHFİHSs/ web page. For general information and enquiries about geographical coverage of the window, please contact [email protected]

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