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UNFPA-STGM Joint Training Videos are Online: Watch, Empower, Apply

The training videos we produced in collaboration with UNFPA as part of Project I Technical Support for Strengthening CSOs Capacities to Engage in Prevention of Child, Early and Forced Marriage are now online.

According to the research on the perceptions and attitudes of men in Turkey on child, early and forced marriage, prepared by the United Nations Women's Division (UN Women) in March 2021, 25 percent of men in Turkey believe that girls are considered children at most until the age of 15. Despite this view, data show that the rate of marriage before the age of 18 is 15 percent for women between the ages of 20 and 24.

In Turkey, non-governmental organizations working mainly in the field of women and children are conducting various studies to prevent forced marriages at a young age. In this context, we are working with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to improve the capacity of nongovernmental organizations working to prevent child, early, and forced marriage.

Strengthen your institutional capacity

As part of the program, where we began the second implementation period and implemented the first period between December 2020 and June 2021, we released a series of training videos for NGOs working directly on the prevention of child, early, and forced marriage, or in related areas such as children's rights, women's rights, refugee rights, and public health.

In these training videos, you can learn about the concepts and studies related to addressing forced early marriages, you can get started on resource development, you can strengthen yourself in topics such as digital content, social media communication, volunteerism, governance, strategic planning, measurement and monitoring to strengthen your digital and institutional capacity. 


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