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We Completed STOK Online Meetings

We have completed the live meetings of "Everyone Needs Back-up Courses" on the STOK Learning Platform. We held our first online meeting under the title of "An Introduction to Civil Society: Basic Concepts and Approaches", facilitated by Ulaş Bayraktar. At this meeting, we talked about current issues in civil society and the future of civil society. We held the second meeting with Sait Fehmi Ağduk under the title of Communication, Participation, and Advocacy for CSOs. In the third meeting, we came together with Feray Salman on the topic of the Rights-Based Approach and Mainstreaming for CSOs. Our last meeting was organized under the title of Organizational Design and Management for CSOs by Dr. Burçak Özoğlu.

On the first day of the first meeting, we tried to understand the concept of civil society through the filter of human existence and development history by going over the topics in the "An Introduction to Civil Society: Basic Concepts and Approaches" module of STOK Online Learning Platform.

In the second day session, the guests of Ulaş Bayraktar were Bülent Şık, who is an advocate in the field of food safety, and Güneşin Aydemir, a food activist. We talked with Şık and Aydemir about whether we can define civil society as an ecosystem, what opportunities the demolition process we are going through offers for new mechanisms, and what civil society can do in a restoration process.

In our second meeting, we learned about communication-based advocacy, tactics, and strategies. In two half-day live meetings, we talked about the concept of participation, participation processes, advocacy, and the advocacy policy document, one of the most important tools of CSOs.

In our third meeting titled Rights-Based Approach and Mainstreaming, we talked with Feray Salman about how civil society organizations working for a better world can embed a rights-based approach in their work and the relationship between human rights and fundamental freedoms and the right to development.

In the Organizational Design and Management live session for CSOs, we talked together about the basic methods necessary to define and design our organizational structure and capacity.

Those who missed the live sessions can watch the videos titled Everyone Needs Back-up Courses on the STOK Learning Platform.

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