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what do you want to change

We Knit Digital Blankets to Talk to the Future

We invite you to talk about what kind of world we imagine in the future and what we want to change. Come, share your dreams of change with us and be a part of the digital blanket we will knit.

As 2020 ends, which started with fires, earthquakes, extreme climatic events and changed our lives with the coronavirus crisis, we will organize an online event to see off this year and to talk about what we are dreaming of with next year. Before this event, we invite you to contribute to the digital blanket where you can tell your ideas and dreams about the future.

If you want to be in the digital blanket that we have designed as a tool that we can imagine how we can build the future in the new world after the pandemic, you can tell us what you want to change in the future as a CSO with a maximum 1-minute video. We will make a video collage work called "Change Blanket" with these videos from you, and we will share this work with everyone in the online event we will organize in December.

Let's start by answering “what we want to change in the future” to talk about what kind of world we imagine in the future, what kind of future we are constructing.


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