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Sivil Sesler Festivali

We meet again and seek for remedies: Civil Voices Festival in İzmir on November 17 and 18

hose who believe a better world is possible, those who dream of change, those who set out together to make a difference, and civil society organizations from across Turkey are coming together again at the Civil Voices Festival. The Civil Voices Festival, which brings together rights-based organizations from different parts of Turkey, will be held this year in İzmir on November 17-18, 2023, with the theme "solidarity strengthens". The two-day Civil Voices Festival will include various workshops, events and performances where you can see, learn about and be inspired by different solidarity and recovery experiences.

For a better life: side by side, shoulder to shoulder

Our homeland and our world are going through difficult times; the country we live in is trying to heal its wounds after a terrible disaster. In difficult times, when we experience both despair and hope, helplessness and relief, fear and confidence, darkness and light, disorganization and organization, all together and intertwined, it is a challenging task for civil society and civil society organizations to determine our direction in these contrasts.

Civil Voices Festival is an opportunity to talk and discuss of what we can do in difficult times, the solidarity and the great power it reveals and to find new, creative solutions.

We come together to talk about how we can achieve what is possible and not a distant dream, to discuss how we can take these efforts a step further while building extraordinary solidarity and collaboration in difficult times, and to find strength in sharing things that are good for each other.

With the belief that "to heal you must be strong, to be strong you must organize," we invite CSOs who are persistently fighting to heal the world to our festival to explain what has changed thanks to their efforts, to make their voices heard more, and to share their work.

Let us talk together about what we have achieved side by side, what we can achieve and how we can create something better together.

What can you do at the festival?

Civil society organizations working with a rights-based approach can participate in the two-day festival. They can organize workshops, performances, networking meetings and exchange of experiences and share their work with the participants at their booths.

We invite civil society organizations to propose events within the framework of social power, improvements, organizational practices and new creative solutions around the theme of "Solidarity Strengthens".

Apply to participate in the festival program!

The deadline to propose an event and/or apply for a booth for the festival is Sunday, September 24, 2023 at 11:59pm.

We will complete the application process and contact you within two weeks of the application deadline. Accommodation and travel expenses for the CSO representatives (maximum 2 people) whose event proposal and/or booth application is accepted will be covered by STGM. We would like to inform you that the CSO representatives from Izmir and its districts who are accepted to participate in the festival will have to bear the costs of the city transportation themselves.

We would like to remind you that we will make a separate announcement in the coming days to accept transportation and/or accommodation requests from CSO representatives who wish to attend the festival as participants only.

You can follow developments on the Civil Voices Festival on our website and social media, and contact us at [email protected].


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