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Civil Talks

We premiered Civil Stories KarikaFilm Series in Civil Conversations

Last Friday, we met with the guests, who inspired them with their work in the civil field, and made the first demonstration of the Civil Stories "karikafilm" work in the Civil Talks Program, with the publication we made on youtube.

Moderated by Private Oytun Türkoğlu, our Board Member Ayzen Atalay Durmuşoğlu, the youngest member of our team Ezgi Can Koçak, the creative of caricature films and the cartoonist Emrah Ablak,  who we work with for Civil Stories, artist Zeren Göktan who is also known for her memorial counter (anıtsayaç) work in memory of women killed by men,  member of the Association of Science Heroes and also International Women in Science Prize winner scientist Sage Demirköz, creative women entrepreneurs Mystery Aytac and Blues Association's president and one of the Turkey's blues voices Göksenin Tuncalı joined.

Ayzen Atalay Durmuşoğlu, the first guest of the program, explained that Civil Stories was designed to tell the change brought by civil society organizations to a wider audience. Explaining that the work of civil society is even more important in the process we are passing through, Durmuşoğlu said that this work has been implemented to listen to the power of civil society.

Stories of 13 NGOs Met with Emrak Ablak's Illustrations

We meet our guests telling the story that inspired the civilian areas of 13 different civil society organizations from Turkey Civil Chat Program "Civil Stories" premiere of his video comic book series was held. The karikafilm prepared for the Zero Discrimination Association working in the field of novel rights was shown at the event.

In Civil Stories, many different stories from a story in the Black Sea highlands to the success story of a Romani woman, from the problems faced by a disabled person to the blues women met with Emrah Ablak's illustrations.

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