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We're Coming to Mersin and Adana for "We Talk About the Power of Change" Meetings

As civil society organizations, we are coming together in Mersin to talk about how we can navigate the world of change and to think about how we can shape the process in the current time of crisis and how we can fight against crisis situations while fighting for a better life.

We will hold this meeting, which we are organizing within the framework of our Civil Society Capacity Building Center project supported by the European Union, on May 30, 2023 in Mersin Kültürhane and on Thursday, 1 June 2023 between 10.00 - 17.00 in Adana Seyhan Municipality Selman-ı Pak Cultural Center. 

What will we talk about?

We have recently experienced a disaster on a scale we have never seen before. After the earthquakes in February, we will reflect on what we can do to be prepared for crises and we will discuss together different ways of solidarity and crisis response.

We will discuss what we need to do/change in order to be better prepared for crisis situations and to intervene more effectively in crisis situations in Mersin, and how and in what direction we need to change and become stronger in order to achieve this.

Who can participate and how?

Those who wish to participate in this meeting, which will bring together various stakeholders from the civil sphere, local governments and public institutions, simply need to fill out the form. 

We would like to remind you that once you fill out the form, you will not receive any further information and your participation in the program is confirmed with the completed form.

30 May 2023- Mersin

Last application: 29 May 2023 -12.00 pm.

Mersin Kültürhane: Güvenevler Mahallesi 18. Cadde Dikenliyol Mersin, 33090 Yenişehir/Mersin

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1 June 2023-Adana

Last application: 30 May 2023 -12.00 pm.

Adana Seyhan Municipality Selman-ı Pak Cultural Center: Hanedan, 35027. Sk. No:11, 01060 Seyhan/Adana 

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What are Power of Change Meetings?

Power of Change Meetings; A series of meetings where we talk about "change", about questions such as "Why/How should we change?", "What/Why/How should we change?" and seek answers to these questions together.

As we fight to build a better world, Power of Change Meetings will take a holistic view of the repeating cycle of change and talk about and discuss how we can increase our organizational capacity to manage change processes.

We want change and we want to manage that change.

Then we need to be better organized and stronger!

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