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What is BIRLIKTE Institutional Support Program?

BİRLİKTE Support Program is a sub-grant mechanism designed for contributing to help CSOs that carry out rights-based activities continue their existence, contribute them to fulfill their fundamental purposes and get institutional development/strength.

BİRLİKTE Institutional Support Program is characterized by the simultaneous execution of three support mechanisms:

  • Institutional grants to meet the basic needs of CSOs
  • Mentorship program that will contribute to the institutional development and strengthening of CSOs
  • Interaction/exchange network (BİRLİKTE Network), which will facilitate and strengthen interaction and collaboration among CSOs and with other civil society actors.

What is Sub-Grant Program?

We are implementing BİRLİKTE Institutional Support Program, which is supported by the European Union (EU) as a sub-grant program. Sub-grant application, in general terms, means providing in-kind and/or financial contribution by a CSO using EU grant to third parties on the condition that they are compatible with their aims and objectives and prespecified conditions.  Sub-grant application started to draw attention as a mechanism increasingly applied for providing smaller scaled financing opportunities and easing grant management under the projects supported in grant programs applied by the EU. 

BİRLİKTE Support Program, as a sub-grant application, is actualized in 2018 as a comprehensive first example providing institutional grant support and applied in national scale. Currently, the program is being implemented under the project "TOGETHER for Rights-Based Civil Society Organizations in Turkey".


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