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What Have We Accomplished with CSO Resource Centre in Two Years?

As a product of our long term cooperation with civil society organizations and our experience as STGM, CSO Resource Centre was designed towards ensuring that civil society organizations' organizational and digital capacities are strengthened, increasing their impacts in the field and supporting their presence.

In the first two years of the three-year project through which we produced solutions together with civil society organizations on topics they needed assistance, where we experienced and learned together; we gained much ground, and met with hundreds of organizations through tens of training in different cities of Turkey. 

We Provided Support to More Than A Thousand Organizations Through Capacity Building Actions

In the first year of CSO Resource Centre, we came together with more than four hundred organizations through the capacity building and digital strengthening training, and we provided technical support to more than three hundred organizations in regard to supporting activities in topics they needed assistance.

In the second year, we came together with more than four hundred organizations through the capacity building and digital strengthening training, and we provided support to more than seven hundred organizations through Support Point and EU Support Unit in topics they needed assistance.

For detailed information on the trainings we provided through CSO Resource Centre, please click.

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We Brought Together the Civil Field and the Academy

Another important component within the CSO Resource Centre Project has been bringing together the civil society actors and the stakeholders in scientific and academic fields. Through the Civil Society School (Sivil Toplum Okulu - STOK), set forth on October 2018, we worked with 22 different organizations in the first year and met with 48 civil society representatives active in various fields in the second year.   

In STOK, designed to improve the advocacy capacities of CSOs and ensure their active participation to policy-making processes, participants came together with experts on seven different topics with three-day periods.

We Were On-The-Air Every Month with Support Point Webinars

Through the internet seminars of CSO Resource Centre, where we hosted experts on the topics in the scope of the CSOs' fields of activity, we talked for a period of two years about how various subjects such as children's rights, gender equality and LGBTI+ rights can be integrated into the actions of CSOs.

You may watch over our YouTube channel the records of the STGM Support Point webinars we had organized on the Thursday night of each month.

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Funding Sources from the World and Turkey are in the STGM Bulletin

For the purpose of finding sources to the studies of organizations, we as STGM scan various funding sources from the world and Turkey and translate them into Turkish each week.  Through CSO Resource Centre, we published more than two hundred grant announcements over two years and brought them to the attention of more than 14 thousand people each week by way of our weekly bulletin with which we compiled the civil society agenda from the world and Turkey.

You may subscribe  to our weekly bulletin over here. 

We Came Together with the Civil Voices of Turkey through the Civil Voices Festival 

We also realised the Civil Voices Festival in the second year of CSO Resource Centre, which we have had to suspend for various reasons. In the festival we organized again after a long suspension, we came together with civil society organizations actively conducting actions from all around Turkey.

Two hundred sixty-eight organizations participated and more than six hundred civil society actors came together in the Civil Voices Festival that we organized with support from the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey. 

In the festival attended by nearly three hundred civil society organizations from 65 cities, the organizations also held various workshops. The CSOs both presented their activities and made the first steps to new partnerships by way of the workshops they organized through the festival.

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