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Why Freedom of Association cannot be segregated from Civil Society's Access to Funding Resources?

One of our substantial work topics within the scope of the Monitoring of Freedom of Association Project, which we carry out with the support of the European Union, is to produce more information in the field of civil society.

In this context, we translated two information notes prepared by the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Assembly and Association Maina Kiai on the accessibility of civil society's funding resources and the right to access funding resources.

Protecting Civic Space and Access to Funding Resources

This info note outlines three general principles under international human rights norms and standards regarding civil society's seeking, receiving, and using funding resources.

You can read the full fact sheet here.

Civil Society's Access to Funding Resources

In this fact sheet, it is stated that the access of civil society organizations (CSOs) to local, foreign, and international funds and other financial resources is an integral part of freedom of association.

You can read the full fact sheet here.

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