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You are cordially invited to the STGM Friday Meetings: we talk and listen to "Blues and Rock"

With the Friday Meetings, which we organize as part of the "Civil Society Capacity Strengthening Center Project" funded by the European Union (EU), we continue to create a meeting space for civil society organizations. Our guest in April will be Ozan Dinçer, who works as a technical expert for civil society in our Civil Society Capacity Strengthening Center Project.

At our meeting on Friday, April 26, 2024, we will talk about "Blues and Rock" music with our Civil Society Technical Expert Ozan Dinçer. We would be happy to see the representatives of CSOs among us who are interested in our meeting.

What will we talk about?

One of the genres that has significantly influenced the music industry is the blues. From the heartfelt and soulful texture of the blues to the unmistakable guttural tone of its vocals, the blues is one of the cornerstones of many of the popular music styles we love today, from rock to jazz. Rock music, especially after the Second World War, played an important role in the process of social change and transformation, influencing post-war  social life, daily life, fashion, social movements and even language, as well as people's cultural changes.
We will discuss both genres with their social, cultural and political aspects, talk about their historical development from the 1930s to the mid-1990s and listen to the examples Ozan has pulled out of his box.

We would be happy to see the representatives of CSOs among us who are interested in our meeting. If you would like to be at the event, you can email your attendance status to [email protected].

Where and when will the Friday meeting take place?

The event will be held on Friday, April 26, 2024, between 15:30-18:00 in our Ankara office.. 

Click to participate.

STGM Office: Barbaros Mah. Buğday St. 2/10, Cankaya

*Open for participation of CSO representatives only.

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