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You are Invited Workshop on the Fiscal Framework for Civil Society

The Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TUSEV) will organize an online workshop on Wednesday, May 17th between 15:00-17:00 as part of the research and policy development study on financial regulations and tax practices for civil society within the scope of the European Union-funded Monitoring Freedom of Association Project. 

In this research, TUSEV aims to jointly identify the financial practices that CSOs have the most problems with, develop solutions, and then use these findings in advocacy work.

Workshop objectives;

  • To identify the tax burden on CSOs caused by the current tax regulations and to identify the tax advantages and regulations that would support the sustainability of CSOs.
  • To evaluate how tax exemption and public benefit statuses are applied and their results, and to develop recommendations for more CSOs to have equal access to these statuses.
  • To identify the problems experienced by the economic enterprises of CSOs and to develop recommendations to overcome these problems.

In the workshop, the existing data on the subject, the methods of collecting this data and the target group of the field research to be conducted will be evaluated with the contributions of the participants. 

To participate in the workshop, you can fill out the application form until Tuesday, May 16, 18:00.

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