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BİRLİKTE Support Program Independent Evaluator Announcement

We are looking for independent evaluators to evaluate applications for our European Union supported BİRLİKTE Support Program.

We plan to assign a maximum of 10 independent evaluators for the evaluation process. Independent evaluators found suitable will attend informational meetings to be held at a date to be determined.

The program's 4-step evaluation process is as follows:

  • Pre-screening of applications for eligibility
  • Evaluation of application forms and preparation of a shortlist
  • Face-to-face interviews with shortlisted applicants
  • Final decision of the evaluation committee

Independent evaluators will participate in the second stage, evaluation of the application forms. It is envisaged that a group of evaluators, selected on the basis of program suitability, will also assist in the third stage, the face-to-face interviews. The schedule for the announcement of the program and the scheduled working days of the independent evaluators is as follows:

Content Date
Announcement of the program  03.06.2022
Deadline for submission of applications  03.08.2022
Evaluation of applications by independent evaluators 2nd Stage   10.08.2022 -06.10.20221
Evaluation Process 3rd Stage (Face-to-face interviews with shortlisted applicants)   24.10.2022 - 09.12.2022

Applicants who wish to work as independent evaluators should apply, considering that they will follow the work schedule indicated in the table above.

Written applications will be evaluated online using digital tools. Independent evaluators are expected to work remotely at this stage. However, experts may be invited to the STGM office for face-to-face meetings, the dates of which will be determined by the Contracting Authority and/or the Evaluation Committee.

Required Qualifications for Evaluator

Experts participating in the evaluation process should have the following qualifications;

  • Have at least a bachelor's degree,
  • At least 10 years of professional experience,
  • At least 5 years of experience in civil society and/or academic experience in the field of social/political sciences,
  • At least 3 years of experience with EU grant projects and technical assistance projects,
  • Having participated at least 2 times as an evaluator in civil society grant programs.

The following qualifications are preferred:

  • Experience in administrative and financial management and/or institutional development of associations/foundations/cooperatives,
  • Already participated in the evaluation processes of grant programs for rights-based civil society organizations,
  • Have already been involved in the evaluation of institutional grant programs.

Applicants can submit their CVs through this link until Wednesday, July 06, 23:59.

* You must have a gmail account to apply.

Independent evaluators whose applications are accepted will sign a "Statement of Impartiality and Confidentiality" in addition to the contract they will sign with STGM. In this statement, independent evaluators declare that they will act impartially during the evaluation and selection phases of the application and that they are not directly or indirectly affiliated with any civil society organization submitting the application, involved in the preparation of any application, or providing support. Independent evaluators should notify STGM immediately if a development occurs that could affect their impartiality. In addition, Independent Evaluators agree that they will maintain the confidentiality of all types of information and documents obtained during the evaluation process and will not disclose them to third parties.


  • Annex_1 Job Description for Independent Evaluators
  • Appendix_2 Statement of Impartiality and Confidentiality 

1. All time periods mentioned are indicative. These time periods may change depending on the number of applications submitted.

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