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101 - An Overview of Civil Society


Be ready to explore the genetics of the term "civil society", which is frequently used in the daily lives as a simple adjective phrase? How does a society become civil, and when, why, and how do people form a community? How do we move from an individual to a community and from a community to a political actor?

In 101 - An Overview of Civil Society, we delve into the genetics of civil society. We examine the emergence of the concept, its current state, and its future prospects both historically and theoretically.

  • To examine theoretical debates surrounding the concept of civil society and define its relationship with politics, the public sphere, power, democratization, and urbanization.
  • To recall certain cornerstones of the long political transformation of humanity and position the development of civil society within political history.
  • To acquire knowledge about basic principles and international standards regarding the freedom of participation and organization, which are essential conditions for a strong civil society.
  • To examine the impact of recent economic and political transformations, digital communication and information tools on the development of civil society and new forms of organization, and explore how they open the door to a transformation in civil society.
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