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201 - Strategic Plan Management


We can say that the concept of strategic planning encompasses an organization's goals, areas of activity, plans for change, and steps to be taken within its field. Through strategic planning, organizations can more consistently build their future, increase the impact of their field work, and develop their organizational capacity to become more institutionalized.

The face-to-face training program 201 - Strategic Plan Management is designed to help us learn the concepts and tools that will help us answer the questions "Where are we?" (Situation Analysis), "Where do we want to go?" (Mission, Vision, Principles and Values with Strategic Goals and Objectives), "How can we get where we want to go?" (Activities and Projects), and "How do we monitor and evaluate ourselves?" (Monitoring and Evaluation) by presenting the stages of the circular approach in strategic thinking and the concepts and tools that will help us find the answers.

  • To understand the strategic management approach by considering our organizational capacity, knowledge, and expertise within a holistic approach,
  • To discover the stages of the circular approach in strategic thinking and the points to consider to ensure that these stages are properly processed,
  • To learn different tools that can be used in problem, situation, stakeholder, goal, and strategy analysis and how to convert data obtained from these analyses into a strategic plan,
  • To understand the importance of drawing your path for setting goals and strategies within the framework of your mission, vision, and core values,
  • To experience how to plan your activities within your budget and resources,
  • To explore the concept of self-evaluation and its relationship with the strategic plan,
  • To learn the relationship between reporting, plan updating, and other planning documents with the strategic plan.
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