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302-Digital Communication and Governance


Currently, CSOs are faced with the task of planning and executing all of their organizational communications because they have the opportunity to directly communicate with the public. Therefore, CSOs need to acquire new skills and improve existing ones not only in digital communication technologies, but also in targeting diverse target groups and creating persuasive messages in various formats.

The 302-Digital Communication and Governance face-to-face program focuses on implementing what is covered in the online content. The training, which is designed around a digital communication plan specifically for CSOs with a rights-based approach, aims to put theoretical sessions into practice. The training includes practical applications on topics such as goals, target groups, values, digital assets, and content. In addition, the program aims to support different digital advertising opportunities with advertising workshops. At the end of the program, the aim is to prepare drafts of digital communication plans that are suitable for the needs and goals of CSOs.

  • To learn the implications of changing communication processes in the digital age on the communication processes of civil society organizations
  • To discuss why a digital communication strategy and plan are important for civil society organizations and how to develop them
  • To understand reputation and crisis management in the digital realm
  • To gain skills on management of digital assets such as websites, e-newsletters, and social media accounts
  • To explore fundamental concepts of promotion in the digital realm, digital advertising, and implementing digital advertising campaigns
  • To discuss the use of instant messaging and team communication applications
  • To discover concepts of governance, network governance, and digital governance, as well as their relationships and the impact of digital participation on decision-making processes
  • To get information on characteristics that a network-focused civil society organization should have, skills that can be used, and digital governance tools that can be utilized
  • To experience practices and skills for network-focused resource development.
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