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401 - Social Benefit and Economic Enterprise


A non-profit organization's most distinguishing feature comes from its name: it does not work for profit. Therefore, all the income it generates is directed towards the change it wants to create and those who benefit from it. Non-profit organizations are generally financed by donations from companies, individuals, or grants from fund providers. Therefore, non-profit organizations should spend most of their time creating persuasive reasons for donations and grants.

Social Enterprises, an alternative resource development model, can help approach the ultimate goal of creating change with a stable income, with a good business plan and model. A social enterprise can sell a product or service that advances a social, economic, or environmental purpose.

Social enterprises are structured like commercial businesses with a business model, a customer base, and revenue streams. These revenue streams can be returned to the association that owns the business, creating self-sufficiency in its operations.

So, how is sustainability ensured in social enterprises, how is market research conducted, how is the product or service to be sold determined, how are business plans and revenue models prepared, and how is communication of all these issues managed? 401-Social Benefit and Economic Enterprise are designed to discuss, learn, and practice the answers to these questions.

  • To learn about the concepts of social entrepreneurship, social economy, and solidarity economy, and gain a basic understanding of global and Turkish application examples and current debates in this field.
  • To understand the operational steps required to ensure sustainability in social enterprises and gain the essential information you need to position your organization correctly in the social economy ecosystem.
  • To increase ability to distinguish between social impact prioritized merchant corporate behavior and classic merchant corporate behavior.
  • To gain knowledge about business models and practices and access the basic information you need to develop a business plan.
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