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404 - Research Methods for Evidence-Based Advocacy


After obtaining accurate and valid information about the areas they work on, civil society organizations can easily reach and achieve results with their advocacy activities supported by this information and data to their target groups and focus areas.

Evidence-based advocacy can be defined as the process of transforming information and data into an effective argument and reaching decision-makers through different and diverse communication channels. If the information and data are acquired reliably and appropriately, analyzed meaningfully within the framework of the situation and needs of the field, and subject to interpretation, they will have a convincing and influential power over decision-makers.

The 404-Research Methods for Evidence-Based Advocacy, which aims to provide organizations with the necessary research skills to conduct evidence-based advocacy, helps you make research design decisions necessary for evidence by understanding what evidence you need, conduct a study in a design-appropriate manner, develop your problem-solving repertoire for obstacles that may arise during the research, analyze the data collected during the research, report your analyses in a manner compatible with evidence-based advocacy objectives, and apply ethical principles.

  • To understand how to adapt research design steps and use them in different topics and frameworks,
  • To learn how to design a research question that will be matched with the needed evidence,
  • To increase ability on how to conduct a suitable literature review for the research question and distinguish between good and reliable reports,
  • To hear tips for creating a report that is creative and persuasive, compatible with research design and advocacy goals,
  • To learn how to select applicable methods in terms of budget, time, and human resources that are suitable for the research question and advocacy goals,
  • To understand theoretical research ethics principles and practical problems that may arise,
  • To discover how to manage the data collection process, especially qualitative data analysis and qualitative coding as an analysis method.
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