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501 - Sustainable Development and Global Goals


In 501-Sustainable Development and Global Goals training, we will focus on the Sustainable Development Goals and explore the relationship between this concept and our own work areas, using an intersectional approach. We will discuss the sustainability agenda in Turkey and examine some of the sustainable development initiatives and reports prepared by UNDP. Additionally, we will address criticisms of the concept of sustainable development and global goals, and evaluate the future vision that these criticisms point to. We will discuss the possibilities for developing an inclusive and comprehensive approach, particularly for the most disadvantaged segments of backward countries and societies.

  • To understand how civil society organizations can relate to the Sustainable Development Goals and what this relationship means,
  • To discover the opportunities that the sustainable development framework provides for advocacy areas,
  • To discuss what the intergenerational justice, gender equality mainstreaming, and leaving no one behind mottos signify in the context of sustainable development,
  • To hear critical approaches to sustainable development,
  • To learn the framework of human development and capabilities.
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3 days


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