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503 -Child Rights and Mainstreaming

About the Training

The implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child can only be realized if the rights of the child are considered as a whole and all rights are taken into account in all actions. Child Rights Mainstreaming is possible through the systematic application of a child rights approach to everything we do and the promotion of children's rights.

For this, we must first accept that children are entitled individuals; this acceptance must be reinforced by creating spaces that enable and support children to know, exercise and claim their rights. It is also important that we accept children as key actors in both their own lives and civil society, and often as human rights defenders. In fact, civil society organizations believe that the mainstreaming of children's rights is an integral part of a human rights-based approach; It should advocate that gender equality and intersectionality should go hand in hand and should be treated as everyone's responsibility.

"Children's Rights and Mainstreaming" is designed to enable civil society organizations working with, for, or on all issues concerning children to place children's rights in their organizations as a mainstream and leave no one behind.

503- Child Rights and Mainstreaming online course content has been prepared by the International Children's Center (ICC), one of the partners of the “Civil Society Capacity Building Center” project conducted by STGM and supported by the European Union under the Civil Society Instrument (CSF)

What will you learn?
  • You will learn about children, society and systems' perception of children and their impact on children's rights,
  • A brief history of children's rights in the world and in Turkey,
  • According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the rights of the child
  • Children's right to participation, freedom of association and peaceful assembly, right to freedom of expression and children's right to information,
  • Children's access to these rights, protection from violence and safety and issues to be considered,
  • Recommendations for the establishment of a child rights approach in civil society work with or related to children.
How Much Time Should You Spare?

All it takes is 3 days for the "503 - Children's Rights and Mainstreaming" course to be held face-to-face. This face-to-face training will take place between 12-13-14 April 2023.

If you have decided to participate in “503 - Children's Rights and Mainstreaming” online-only, good news! There is no set start and end date. You can start at the time you set and finish at the pace you set. Our suggestion to you is to spend 2 hours a day and finish the whole program in 2 days. 503 - Video content in Children's Rights and Mainstreaming takes 2.5 hours and reading materials take 1.5 hours. So the total duration of all content is 4 hours.

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