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Discrimination Against Autistic Children in School and Proposed Solutions

Denizli Autism Association has published the report they prepared to raise awareness about the rights violations that children with autism and their families face in education.
Author / Editor:
Nejat Taştan
Dudu Karaman Dinç
Kübra Uysal
Büşra Deriş
Buket Kocayacı
Publishing Date:
Disability Rights
Denizli Autism Association

As part of the report, an in-person and an online survey were conducted among families of children with autism. Focus group interviews were also conducted with 9 teachers serving students with autism and 9 parents of children with autism.

The study found that autistic children face discrimination in school enrollment. 52.6% of participants reported that their children were denied enrollment in school at least once.

While research shows that social exclusion is the most common form of discrimination faced by children with autism and their families, rights violations, including violence, have also been found to occur.

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May 2024