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Inclusive, Restorative and Sustainable Event Guide

The Guide to Inclusive, Restorative, and Sustainable Event (KOSE) is a guide created for conducting various activities in a way that is inclusive and accessible to all by removing social and physical barriers.
Author / Editor:
Prepared by
Aleyna Koca
Baran Örnek
Baris Caliskan
Berna Demircan
Ceren Kayrakci
Doruk Karalar
Esma Turkmani
Hazal Comertpay
Ilayda Beyza Coskun
İnci Sardag
Kaya Demiral
Muge Gumus
Zeynep Sozen
Publishing Date:
Roots & Shoots Türkiye 
Youth for Good 

The guide contains short explanatory texts and checklists so that activities can be organized to minimize damage to the ecosystem while respecting the rights and freedoms of all living beings and within the principle of harmony with nature.

The KOSE guide addresses 5 focus areas - rights-based approach, children's rights, harmony with nature, waste management and upcycling, and inclusion - with a sub-emphasis on accessibility and equality.

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