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The Pursuit of New Alliances to Debunk Anti-Gender Narratives

This report, “The Pursuit of New Alliances to Debunk Anti-Gender Narratives” investigated anti-gender movements as a global, structural, and locally manifested phenomenon, taking into account its historical dimensions and implications in Türkiye.
Author / Editor:
Berfin Atlı
Publishing Date:
Social Policy, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation Studies Association (SPoD)

Over the course of a year, the project deepened its understanding of the narrative dimension of linguistic violence through examples from various fields and 15 thematic meetings. Literature review was conducted through reading circles, and three members attended international trainings where activists from various parts of the world shared their local experiences. Different perspectives and experiences were discussed through presentations made by the alliance members to one another.

In-depth interviews with various civil society workers and activists provided an external perspective, and the alliance was extensively discussed for two days in a workshop with the participation of approximately 30 different civil society organizations, marking the first attempt to expand the alliance in Türkiye. However, there is still a need for a series of concrete steps to be taken to implement, transfer, and solidify the findings and outputs for the alliance to become permanent.

The findings to be discussed in this report include hate speech-containing newspaper articles, examples and observations of discriminatory rhetoric extracted from organizations’ interactions and their work fields, political party representatives’ election period propaganda, widespread social media posts, indepth interviews, and the outputs of a two-day workshop.

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April 2024