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Fund Sources Database

Among activities undertaken by STGM, regular queries about fund opportunities and communication of open calls for grants both from abroad and Turkey are also included and conducted for facilitating the access of CSOs to fund sources to build up a sustainable civil society organization structure and to support CSOs for developing sources. Fund Sources Database, which has been prepared to this end, includes information about fund sources/funding institutions and organizations to which CSOs may lodge an application in order to receive support for different activities in accordance with their scope.

What is Fund Resources Database Composed of?

While compiling information for the fund sources database, several funding institutions and organizations are reviewed for CSOs in both national and international spheres. Fund sources database is composed of institutions and organizations which are found to include Turkey geographically in parallel with the information accessed through a query process. Among them, it is possible to list foundations, independent organizations, embassies, public institutions, international organizations, and private sector. 

In the fund sources database, one can access brief about each funding institution and organization, significant information on the application process, application documents requested and websites, and contact details for further details; it is also possible to make a search on the basis of institutions and fields of activity. 

Fund Resources and Source Development Platforms

Funds and source development platforms may be subject to regular modifications depending on the amendments made by funding institutions and organizations, or those which provide platforms for source development. Likewise amendments may take place either with regard to the structure of funds or platforms in accordance with own strategical priorities of institutions and organizations (such as priority areas, fund amount, and application criteria), or may be associated with the full closure of the fund program and the platform and/or the replacement with new programs which are entirely different in terms of topics and contents. Taking this into account, as STGM, we regularly update the Fund Resources Database. But, such like amendments may also be enacted in between regular update times. Therefore, we would like to highlight that the latest information is accessible on websites of funding institutions/platforms specified in the database. 

Fund Source Subject Funder
The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) Democracy Embassy
The World Bank Other International Organizations
Toyota Fund for Europe Other Foundations and Independent Organizations
Turkish Cultural Foundation Culture Foundations and Independent Organizations
Turkish National Commission for UNESCO International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (IFPC) Culture United Nations
Turkish Philanthropy Funds Other Foundations and Independent Organizations
United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) Democracy United Nations
United Nations Development Programme: Global Environment Facility (GEF) - Small Grants Programme (SGP) Environment / Nature Protection United Nations
United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women: UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women Woman United Nations
Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights Woman Foundations and Independent Organizations
US Embassy Other Embassy
Veolia Environment Foundation  Environment / Nature Protection Foundations and Independent Organizations
Whitley Fund for Nature Environment / Nature Protection Foundations and Independent Organizations
WWF Turkey: Turkey’s Life Grant Program  Environment / Nature Protection Foundations and Independent Organizations
Youth Bank Hub - Grant and Training Support  Youth Foundations and Independent Organizations
Yuvarla Other Alternative Funding Sources