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United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women: UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women

It is a fund created by UN Women to combat violence against women and girls. 
United Nations

About the Program 

It is a fund created to combat violence against women and girls. 

Priority Areas

Preventing violence against women and girls, strengthening especially those at high risk of violence; strengthening access to services, enhancing the capacity of service providers in particular, and strengthening the implementation of policies, laws, and action plans on violence against women through data collection and analysis.

About Application

Small civil society organizations working in the field of women's rights and run by women are given priority. The application conditions and the countries that can be applied can be found out by following the new grant calls.

Large-scale organizations can receive 150,000-1 million USD for 3-year projects, and small local organizations 50,000-150,000 USD for 3-year projects. Applications are made online only.

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