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Legal Guide for Civil Society Organizations

The questions received to and answers given from the STGM Legal Hotline, which we built up in 2005 for the purpose of answering the legal questions of civil society organizations and was carried out under the coordination of Attorney Orhan Kemal Cengiz were published in the Legal Guide for Civil Society Organizations in 2007.
Author / Editor:
İkinci Baskıyı Hazırlayan:
Abbas Yalçın & Yasemin Öz

Birinci Baskıyı Hazırlayan:
Orhan Kemal Cengiz

Abbas Yalçın
Publishing Date:

The content of the Legal Guide for Civil Society Organizations that does not bear the characteristics of a classic law book was determined completely by the questions received from CSOs. Legal Guide for Civil Society Organizations, which was prepared as a guidebook that can be read and used also by laymen and updated in 2011 by Attorney Yasemin Öz who has worked as Legal Hotline Coordinator since 2008, received the editorship of Abbas Yalçın for its second print. 

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