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Siviliz started off in February 2006 for the purpose of taking the pulse of civil agenda in Turkey. Siviliz, which had a special place as a first in Turkish civil society field, enabling the CSOs in Turkey to be informed of each other and also enabling them to bring out their studies to wider segments, was published regularly since January 2013. In each issue of Siviliz, prepared in two-month periods, exclusive interviews, special news and case articles from civil society field were provided.
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Siviliz, which we designed as a bulletin taking the pulse of civil agenda of Turkey and published in printed form between the years 2006 and 2013, gave place to the STGM e-bulletin we share weekly together with the change created by digital environment in our daily practices. 
Now we compile the topics in Turkey's civil society field, studies, news and job postings from the civil society and the sources for grants for assisting organizations to develop resources in our weekly bulletins. 

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