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STGM Communication Z Report: What did we do in 2023?

As we conclude 2023, we began our year-end review with communication affairs and summarized our communication activities.

With the aim of contributing to the visibility of civil society activities in Turkey, we publish the work of civil society organizations on our website. Of the 605 pieces of content we published last year, 331 were related to the work of civil society organizations. If you want your announcements and news to be published on our website in the new year, you can send them to us at [email protected]

Every year, civil society organizations in Turkey working in different areas of rights produce various projects, conduct field research, and document their observations, experiences, and the results of their work in reports. Last year, civil society organizations continued to monitor, record, and report. Especially after the earthquake we experienced in February, CSOs produced a large number of documents, reports, and information notes. In 2023, we added 41 studies prepared by organizations in different topics to our e-library. Click here to view publications in the e-library.

While working to strengthen the capacities of CSOs in Turkey, we also strive to produce resources for the civil sector. Although we couldn't publish as many publications as we wanted in 2023, we produced 5 different documents. You can review STGM publications here.

Follow grant calls with us

To support the resource development efforts of CSOs, we regularly research and publish grant opportunities from around the world and Turkey for CSOs. In 2023, we announced 78 grants in different fields. We will continue this work in the new year. You can follow the current grant announcements ​​​here.

We actively used our studio

We conducted video works with CSOs in our video recording studio last year as well. Last year, 20 organizations applied to our studio. We conducted shootings with two of these organizations in the studio. We also recorded a podcast with one organization. If you want to use our studio for your video and podcast productions, you can  fill out this form.

In 2023, we actively used our studio. We produced 15 video works for our meetings and trainings.

In November, before the Civil Voices Festival we organized in Izmir, we prepared 7 videos on accessibility, child safety, gender equality, and sustainability. Starting from the question, "How can an event be organized that prioritizes accessibility for everyone, prioritizes the safety and participation of children, focuses on gender equality, and takes into account all living things, in harmony with nature?" you can watch the videos we prepared from ​here.

Bird's Eye 2023: Last year in numbers

In 2023, our website received 113 thousand views, with an average of 1200 people visiting our website daily.

We continued to deliver Turkey's civil society agenda to your email on a weekly basis. In 2023, we sent 99 bulletins. We also delivered news from us to you every two weeks. In 2023, we made a total of 99 e-bulletin shipments. If you want to subscribe to our email list, you can use the "Join Our Email List" section at the bottom of the homepage.

We reached nearly 85,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter. Our Youtube channel reached 2,800 subscribers. We also left notifications for you with messaging applications. Approximately 600 people receive news from us on our Telegram channel, and on our WhatsApp channel, more than 3,000 people receive news.

Thank you very much for following us. If you want to follow us, our accounts are here.

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See you with good news in the new year!

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