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We Continue to Strengthen the Capacity of Civil Society Organizations Working in the Prevention of Child, Early, and Forced Marriages

We continue to work in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations working in the prevention of child, early, and forced marriages. During the second phase of the project, we are working with 10 CSOs, providing them with both small-scale grants and institutional development support.

What have we done so far?

  • We have completed our self-assessment activities by visiting all organizations to determine their organizational capacities and needs.
  • Based on the identified needs, we organized a training session in Ankara with representatives of the CSOs benefiting from the program, aiming to strengthen our advocacy capacity in preventing child, early, and forced marriages. During this training, we discussed the dynamics, consequences, health risks, legal framework, common misconceptions, community-based work related to child, early, and forced marriages, and key points to consider in communication materials. We also focused on the fundamental concepts of advocacy and preparing policy documents.
  • We worked with experts on topics such as CEFM risk detection and intervention methods, research design and methods, the importance of analysis and reporting, the importance of communication strategy, what to look for in corporate identity studies, communication tools, and shared experiences with AÇEV, Kamer, and SGDD as good practices for CEFM prevention.
  • During the application process, we asked organizations to share their stories, describe their work, and express themselves without the pressure of presenting a project idea. From April to May, the organizations worked one-on-one with their mentors to develop their projects for the prevention of child, early, and forced marriages. Starting from the third week of July, they will have the opportunity to implement their developed projects.

The CSOs we are collaborating with:

  • Eksi 25 Association - Eskişehir
  • Monitoring Association for Equal Rights - Ankara and İzmir
  • Havle Women's Association - Istanbul
  • Hayat Sende Gençlik Akademisi Association - Ankara
  • Katre Women's Counseling and Solidarity Association - Erzincan
  • Mimoza Women's Association - Mersin
  • Ortakça Association - Van
  • First Children and Women Association - Antalya
  • Roma Rights Association - Ankara
  • Uçan Süpürge Women's Communication and Research Association - Ankara


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