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What Did We Do Last Year? Our Annual Report 2021 Is Online

Our Annual Report 2021, which we created to inform our members and followers about the activities of our association, is online. Last year, we published 1562 contents in Turkish and English on our website. We published 115 national and international funding and grant announcements. We produced 3 guides and 5 fact sheets.

"Since we want change, we must be stronger"

We launched STOK, our online learning platform, with the aim of providing local rights-based civil society organizations with the skills they need to survive, adapt and develop in a rapidly changing environment.

Since we want change for a better world, in the last days of the year we responded to the need for a stronger civil society by launching the STOK Learning Platform with the slogan "Since we want change, we must be stronger!". 682 people have registered with the platform.

We produced a total of 82 videos and 5 podcasts for the STOK learning platform.

Together we have become stronger

With nearly 20 years of experience in the civil sector, we provide CSOs with information, opinions, and suggestions on a wide range of topics, from project development to technical problems in project application and implementation, from funds for CSOs to legislation, from communication and visibility activities to partnerships with other CSOs.

In 2021, we continued our work relentlessly to improve the capacity of CSOs in the areas they need. At the CSO Support Point, we provided responses, opinions, and suggestions to 310 inquiries on various topics.

Under the "Frequently Asked Questions" section, we answered 81 questions on various topics, from association legislation to local financial legislation, from resource development to project and grant management, from organizational management to volunteer management.

Just for you: Tailor-made

To meet the needs of organizations, in 2021 we introduced the “Tailor-made Training Program”, a customized capacity-building support that we developed and planned with them.

We received 49 applications for the tailored training program. We supported 5 of these applications

We met with CSOs through online sessions

In the past year, we continued the online meetings, which have become essential due to the pandemic. With our experts from the CSO Support Point, we organized 5 separate online seminars, which were attended by a total of 236 representatives from 144 civil society organizations. In order to collectively discuss and challenge the issues on our agenda, we held a series of meetings entitled "Issues”.

We created resources for civil society

We have been working with local CSOs across Turkey for years, so we are aware of the issues that CSOs need assistance with. With this in mind, we create information, resources, and documents on the issues that are needed. In 2021, we created 5 information sheets.

We continue to take the pulse of the civic space

We continued our publication activities last year in order to make the work of civil society in Turkey accessible to more people and to make visible the productions related to the civil space.

  • In 2021, we published 1562 contents in Turkish and English on our website. 115 of them were national and international funding and grant announcements.
  • The 30 e-bulletins we sent to 380 thousand people were read 70 thousand times. If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, click here.

We are also in the video business!

While keeping our finger on the pulse of the civic space with the news, we have also accelerated our video productions together. We implemented the video recording studio as part of the Capacity Building Center Project for Civil Society, which we began implementing last March. In this studio, we produced 129 videos and 5 podcasts. In addition, we have opened our studio to CSOs who want to produce video content.

In addition, for those who wish to use the studio, we have created 3 guides entitled Planning and Using Video Shoots, Video Production Processes, and Post-Video Shooting Editing and Processes. In addition to the guides, we have prepared 6 videos to help you with your shooting. You can watch these videos on our Youtube channel.

In the short film workshop "Children Meet for Climate" that we organized during the Climate Diplomacy Week, children prepared a 3.5-minute short film entitled "Tomorrow's Plate". This short film was shown on 5 different national news portals.

We provide digital support for CSOs

In 2021, 373 new CSOs signed up for the TechSoup Turkey Software Donation Program, which we have been actively running since 2015. The approval process of 238 organizations was completed.

We continued to grow in social media

Over the past year, we reached more people on social media. While our YouTube channel continues to grow with 2 thousand subscribers, we reached a total of more than 80 thousand followers on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube and Twitter.

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