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Hate Crimes Based on Religion, Belief, or Non-Belief in Turkey 2022

In the report based on notifications from belief communities and data obtained through media monitoring, a total of 36 hate crimes and incidents were identified in the year 2022.
Author / Editor:
Funda Tekin
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Human Rights
Initiative for Freedom of Belief

In terms of “the targeted groups” in 2022, the highest number of hate crimes/incidents, 15 each, were directed towards Alevis and Christians. This was followed by Jews, Yazidis, and Muslims. Some of the hate crimes against Christians also targeted ethnic identities such as Armenians, Assyrians, and Greeks.

Hate crimes pose a significant obstacle to social peace

The report emphasizes that hate crimes based on religion, belief, or non-belief continue to be a significant issue in Turkey, similar to other hate crimes. The report highlights that the legal framework and implementation in Turkey are quite ineffective against these crimes, underscoring that hate crimes are a serious obstacle to social peace.

Effective legal processes against the crimes are not pursued

The report also notes that in most cases of hate crimes or incidents, which need to be approached with special sensitivity, there is a lack of effective legal processes addressing the hate crime dimension and no steps taken to combat impunity. The report highlights that marking places associated with Alevis is a common pattern and that there is no effective enforcement against these recurring crimes.

Progress plan was not implemented

The report emphasizes the significance of the April 2021 Human Rights Action Plan as a significant step towards progress. However, despite two years passing, the goals outlined in the plan have not been achieved, and the report states that hate crime legislation in Turkey is still insufficient. The authorities are called upon to promptly initiate comprehensive legislative reforms and actions to combat impunity policies.

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