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Proceedings of the International Conference on Access to Justice

Within the scope of the Strengthening Access to Justice for Disadvantaged Groups project, the International Conference on Access to Justice, organized by the Union of Turkish Bar Associations and Atılım University in Ankara on October 22-23, 2022, aimed to discuss barriers for different groups and to discuss the experiences of different countries in the context of equal access to justice. This publication, which was created from the presentations made at the conference and the papers accepted for the conference book, aims to be a resource for both civil society and academic studies.
Author / Editor:
Redaction: Nihal Boztekin
Cover and Page Design: Mehmet Ali Çelik
Conference Simultaneous Interpreters:
Sungur Savran, Şule Girman
Conference Sign Language Interpreters:
Esra Karadağ, Berrak Fettahna Fırat, Kadir Demir,
Hasan Dikyuva, Selver Aytekin
Publishing Date:
Association for Monitoring Equal Rights
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