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The Role of Funders in the Financial Resilience of LGBTI+ Organisations: Experiences and Recommendations

The publication prepared by Rainbow Against Discrimination Association within the scope of its efforts to strengthen the access of LGBTI+ organisations to resources is based on the shared grant experiences of organisations. The main difficulties encountered during the application, implementation and reporting stages of the grants were evaluated from the perspective of organisational resilience and recommendations were developed for their solution.
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Civil Society Organization (CSO)
Rainbow Against Discrimination Association

About the Rainbow Against Discrimination Association

The Rainbow Association Against Discrimination, which consists of 11 LGBTI+ organisations operating in different cities of Türkiye, works for the strength and sustainability of rights-based LGBTI+ organisations in Türkiye, especially its members. It strengthens their capacities, opens space for cooperation and communication, and creates reliable funding opportunities so that they can build strong organisational structures, withstand difficult conditions and continue their work uninterruptedly by generating their own resources.

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April 2024