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What Did the Localization Advocacy Group Do in 2023?

The Localization Advocacy Group, which works to strengthen and coordinate local organizations in the field of humanitarian aid, has published its data for the year 2023.

The Localization Advocacy Group (LAG) took its first steps in 2020 with an initiative of the Support to Life and we supported the secretariat of the group, as part of our 'Civil Society Capacity Strengthening Project'. LAG closed 2023 by working with 25 institutions and 75 representatives of these institutions. Moreover, LAG also took the lead for the establishment of  networks with diverse objectives and scales.

National Reference Group was established

In order to move forward with the localization agenda and the global commitments of localization within Turkiye, National Reference Group was established. This platform convenes donors, United Nations agencies, international non-governmental organizations, and local civil society organizations around the same table. The group was launched at an event in Ankara on January 25.

We supported the establishment of the Local Humanitarian Forum

The LAG actively participated in coordinating the response to the humanitarian crisis following the Kahramanmaraş earthquakes. 

Additionally, we supported the establishment of Local Humanitarian Forum (LHF). LHF includes 78 national and local NGOs including members of LAG and was established after the February earthquake to increase the participation and influence of national CSOs in the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) sector coordination mechanisms in Turkey together with international NGOs. 

Recommendations from CSOs on recovery and the reconstruction of the region after the Kahramanmaraş earthquakes

After the Kahramanmaraş earthquakes, a survey was conducted together with the Turkish Refugee Council (TMK) to gather the perspectives  and suggestions of local and national organizations on the current and future coordination structures in the reconstruction and recovery of the region. You can find the results of the survey here.

Immediate action is needed for reconstruction and future investment 

Together with the Turkish Refugee Council (TMK), LAG has prepared a joint statement for the International Donors Conference held in Brussels on March 20, which includes the suggestions of CSOs s on post-earthquake recovery.

The joint statement was signed by a total of 57 institutions from TMK, LAG, and LHF members, emphasized  that immediate joint action should be taken for enhanced reconstruction and investment in the future.

UNHCR Regional consultation with NGOs in Europe  

LAG participated in the meeting "UNHCR Regional Consultation with NGOs in Europe" in Geneva and explained the work of the group. LAG also emphasized the importance of monitoring localization together with the networks established with local and refugee organizations.

Efforts to strengthen the organizational coordination structure

Throughout the year, members of the Localization Advocacy Group dedicated more than 100 hours of meetings focusing on LAG's activities. These meetings were carried out within the scope of LAG’s mission and also to strengthen the organizational coordination structure.

While participating in these meetings,  inclusion, decision-making, and coordination processes were clarified for all structures. More than 200 hours of meetings were held for LHF and NRG and contributed to the activities and structuring of these networks.

The infographic can be found in the attachment below.

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