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If you missed, no worries: STOK "Everybody Needs Back-up Courses" Face-to-Face Program starts again!

As part of our Civil Society Capacity Building Center project, supported by the European Union, we are once again accepting applications for the STOK Everybody Needs Back-up Courses Face-to-Face Program.

You can apply until 11:59pm on Sunday, August 6, 2023 for this event that will take place over a 4-month period and aims to introduce the approaches and foundational skills we can use to define the change we want to bring to the field, introduce the field of civil society, and learn about the basic concepts and discussions in our field.

STOK 100- Everybody Needs Back-up Courses will be held in September, October, November and December in Ankara for a total of 12 days.

The scheduled meeting dates are as follows;

06-07-08 September 2023         101 - An Overview of Civil Society
25-26-27 October 2023               102 - Organizational Design and Management for Civil Society Organizations 
22-23-24 November 2023           103 - Rights-Based Approach and Mainstreaming 
20-21-22 December 2023.          104 - Communication-Based Participation and Advocacy

You can apply for the program using the link below. There is only one application form for the program. With this form, you have registered for all 4 tracks together.

STOK 100- Everybody Needs Back-up Courses face-to-face program is open to CSO representatives only.

Click to apply

What will you be learning?

In Everybody Needs Back-up Courses;

  • You will define the basic concepts, approaches and debates on civil society in the historical process and position yourself in the civil society ecosystem,
  • You will delve into the concepts of organizational design and organizational capacity and learn the basic requirements of organizational management,
  • You will understand the concept of mainstreaming with a rights-based approach and the importance of developing an inclusive perspective,
  • You will focus on your communication skills and define engagement and advocacy activities based on communication.

How can you apply?

If you would like to participate in Everybody Needs Back-up Courses's face to face program, simply complete the application form. To apply, you must first register on the STOK Learning Platform. You can get to the application form by following the next steps after registering in the system here.

You will be given preference if you have completed the online content on the STOK Learning Platform when you submit your application.

Application deadline: Sunday, August 6, 2023 at 11:59 p.m

We will cover the transportation and accommodation costs of CSO representatives whose applications are accepted.

Within 10 days after the application deadline, the evaluation of your application will be completed and you will receive a response to your application. We would like to remind you that in case your application is accepted, a "letter of support" will be requested from the management structure of the organization you represent, stating that they support your participation in the entire program on behalf of your organization.

Click here for detailed information about the STOK 100 - Everybody Needs Back-up Courses.

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