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Everybody Needs Back Up Courses

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General Information

Everybody Needs Back Up Courses  is designed with the aim of providing an introduction to the civil society arena, assisting us in recognizing the basic concepts and debates in the field and familiarizing us with the approaches and fundamental skills we need  in order to create change.

Everybody Needs Back Up Courses consists of 4 courses. Course contents are structured independently yet in support of one another. 

101-Introduction to Civil Society
102-Organizational Design and Management for CSO’s
103-Rights Based Approach and Mainstreaming
104-Communication Based Participation and Advocacy

Everybody Needs Back Up Courses is built on the long term training course approach. Long term training course does not only indicate duration, long-term also emphasizes a methodology that focuses on participation and experience , nourishing participants’ progress with various tools. 
Everybody Needs Back Up Courses emerges with this point of view. Each course title is primarily a comprehensive and structured capacity strengthening training that combines the participants’ practical experience in the field with academic and professional knowledge. Based on the learning by doing and adult education approach ,it gives the opportunity to experience and reflect on the issues and concepts that are at the center of organizational capacity. 

We have two options to attend Everybody Needs Back Up Courses. One of them is the face to face course program. It covers a period of 4 months. We meet, talk and discuss with experts on the topic of the training course with 3 day gatherings every month. 

Another option is the online Everybody Needs Backup Courses Training program which we complete with our own pace and planning. The online content includes key concepts, discussions and information for the courses covered in the program. As such, it forms the basis of the face to face training program;  having completed the online content prior to your application gives you a priority.

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What will you learn?

In Everybody Needs Backup Courses, you will;

  • define the basic concepts, approaches and debates about civil society within the historical process and position yourself within the civil society ecosystem
  • reinforce the concepts of organizational design and organizational capacity and learn the sine qua non of organizational management. 
  • elaborate on the concept of mainstreaming through rights based approach and understand the importance of establishing an inclusive perspective.  
  • focus on your communication skills and define participation and advocacy activities on the basis of communication. 
Who should take Everybody Needs Back Up Courses?

Activists, volunteers, employees who are new to the civil society arena and who want to enhance their knowledge on basic concepts as well as anyone who has been in this field for a long time and who wants to refresh their knowledge and skills can attend Everybody Needs Backup Courses.  There is no need for any basic knowledge and skills related to the topics covered in order to follow the program.

How Much Time Should You Spare?

The face to face program of Everybody Needs Backup Courses is designed with a long term training course approach. It is enough to set aside 3 days a month for face to face trainings for four months. We would like to remind you that after the face to face gatherings the trainers can ask for some preparations and tasks from time to time.  

If you’ve decided to attend Everybody Needs Backup Courses online-only, good news! There is no set start and end date. You can start at the time you set and finish at the time you set. We recommend that you spare 3 hours a week and complete the entire program in 4 weeks.  Everybody Needs Backup Courses include 7 hours of video content, 1.5 hours of podcast content. Reading materials take 4.5 hours. In other words, the total duration of all content is 12 hours. 

How to Join?

You can join the Everybody Needs Backup Courses either online or face to face. 

For three days every month we gather, talk and discuss with three day meetings with experts on the subject.

If you want to take Everybody Needs Backup Courses online at your own learning pace, at a time and place of your own choosing, simply click on the “online” button and follow the steps to register. After you complete your registration, you will be able to access the online content of Everybody Needs Backup Courses. We recommend that you finish the online content prior to your application to the face to face program. This way, your application will have priority.. 

Certificate of Participation

You will receive a digital completion badge after you complete each training in the Everybody Needs Backup Courses program. At the end of the program, when you receive 4 digital completion badges, a digital “Certificate of Participation” issued in your name will be sent to the e-mail address you used while registering. 

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