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Always Disadvantaged Discrimination Practices in Turkey

The book prepared for publishing by the human rights advocate Feray Salman consists of a series of interviews.
Author / Editor:
Prepared by:
Feray Salman

Nalan Türkmen Temeltaş
Nejat Taştan

Translated from Turkish by:
Hacer Korkut

Editor of Turkish Version:
İrfan Aktan

Chris Taylor
Publishing Date:

"The Sentiment of Always Beginning One Step Behind - Discrimination Practices in Turkey: Victims and Experts Speak", which was prepared for the purpose of revealing that discrimination is put into our lives with different means and different forms, also highlights the fact that we have to combat all forms of discrimination for creating social peace that we need. 

First printed in 2007, the second print of the book was published in 2009, enriched with new interviews and in Turkish and English.

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September 2022