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Good News for Those Who Missed It: STOK Everyone Loves Digital We are now accepting applications for the Face-to-Face Training Programme

Once again, applications have been opened for the face-to-face training programme of STOK 300 - Everyone Loves Digital, which we organised within the scope of our Civil Society Capacity Strengthening Centre Project supported by the European Union.

Digital-Lover Organisations is designed for non-governmental organisations that follow the digitalisation process and/or carry out digital communication activities voluntarily or professionally, are aware of the importance of digital transformation for today and the future, and aim to acquire the digital skills required by the age.

We will discuss digital literacy, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, digital communication and governance, digital content creation and effective use of social media tools, data visualisation tools and supporting advocacy activities with digital tools. 

Deadline: 21 April 2024 Sunday, 23:59.  

Digital-Lover Organisations face-to-face training programme is only open to CSO representatives. 

This programme, which covers a 4-month period between May-September 2024, has a single application form. With this single application, you will apply for all 4 topics. It is enough to allocate 3 days a month for each title. If your application is accepted, you must participate in all topics. 

The dates of the planned meetings are as follows;


Before applying for the Digital-Lover Organisations face-to-face training programme, our recommendation is to complete the online content of Digital-Lover Organisations on the STOK Digital Learning Platform. The fact that you have completed the online contents on the STOK Digital Learning Platform at the time you make your application will give you priority. 

We remind you that you must fill out the application form completely and carefully in order for your application to be evaluated.

What will you learn?

  • We will develop the skills that civil society organisations need in digitalisation and digital transformation processes, from digital security to searching the internet correctly, from making digital strategies and planning to remote working, from the use of productive artificial intelligence tools in the work of CSOs.
  • We will learn how to prepare a digital communication plan, manage digital assets, run a digital advertising campaign, and learn the digital tools used to embed the concepts of digital governance and network governance. 
  • We will learn how to develop content for effective social media use, the features of popular social media platforms and how to be effective on these platforms.
  • We will explore basic data analysis, data visualisation, using data and practical online tools for data visualisation.

How can you apply?

If you want to participate in Digital-Lover Organisations face-to-face training programme, just fill out the application form. In order to apply, firstly STOK.

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