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General Outlook of Freedom of Association in Turkey-II

The report titled "Overview of Freedom of Association in Turkey II", which is the product of the study in which we monitor the freedom of association in Turkey within the scope of the Right to Participation Project, which is supported by the European Union covers the monitoring study between 2019 and 2020.
Author / Editor:
Prepared by: Hakan Ataman
Editor: Dr. Tezcan Eralp Abay
Design: Meltem Colak
Publishing Date:

The report titled “General Outlook of Freedom of Association in Turkey-II” is a continuation of the report titled General Outlook of Freedom Association in Turkey 2018, which was prepared within the scope of the Right to Participate Project.

The report of the monitoring study carried out to understand both the current situation of civil society organizations in Turkey and the image of freedom of association in practice consists of three parts.

In the first part, it is revealed how the COVID-19 pandemic process and the increasing authoritarian populism affect the civic space, while in the second part, the obligations regarding Freedom of Association in Turkey and the problems experienced in implementation together with the legislation are discussed. The last section contains recommendations.

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